Fabric Sofa

Fabric Sofas

If you run a hotel and you’re looking for premium hotel furniture that meets all your guests’ needs, then you’ve come to the right place. Kit out your bedrooms and inject style and personality with Collinet’s hotel furniture.

Maison Collinet offers a wide range of professional furniture in all shapes, colors and finishes, giving you the opportunity to custom-create your dream designer pieces for a unique atmosphere in your hotel rooms. Looking for a designer couch to deepen a sense of cozy relaxation in your hotel bedrooms?


Browse Maison Collinet’s many different tapestry couches especially designed with hotel bedrooms in mind!


From two-seaters to three-seaters, Collinet’s hospitality couches are fully customizable in a wide range of different styles. Collinet gives you the freedom to choose your fabrics, materials and colors for a luxury tapestry couch that feels unique, comfy, cozy and premium.


Looking to inject a contemporary edge, retro twist, or Scandinavian feel into your hotel bedrooms? Choose from velvet and faux leather to solid wood and lacquered designs: all our premium finishes help create a unique atmosphere. Hoping to infuse your spaces with vibrant color? Go for dark gray, anthracite, white, and a palette of different shades. The sky’s the limit!


Let your creative juices flow, and design your very own sofa and couch for your hotel rooms drawing on your interiors and instincts for inspiration.


Create extra edge and impact by pairing coffee tables with your matching comfy tapestry couches.


Made in France in our factory in Baudignécourt, Collinet furniture meets the highest of standards in comfort and quality. Contact us today to bring your vision to life!

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