Privacy policy


Welcome to the website, edited by Collinet. This section focuses on our privacy policy. It will allows you to know more about your rights but also about the origin and the use of the information processed by Collinet, as data controller, when you visit and use our website. Therefore, this policy is important for you as you to have a positive experience and be confident in our services, but also for us as we wish to answer your questions in a precise and complete way during your visit and because we want to take your preferences into account.

1. Personal data

1.1 Nature of the personal data collected and purpose of their processing

The personal data are all the personal information (username, password, name, first name, date of birth, email and postal addresses) that web users might give to Collinet when they create an account online on the website and also as part of any contact with web users.

This data (whatever its provenance) can directly or indirectly allow Collinet to identify and better know web users, to manage Collinet online accounts and send them newsletters, and/or to reply to their emails. This data also allows Collinet to guarantee a personalized service and the centralized management of customer relationships, as well as to address communications to the web users by phone and/or email to get information on products and operations from Collinet, on condition that the choices are compliant with this purpose. When the web user provides personal data, he/she commits to communicating to Collinet complete, precise and up-to-date information which is not harmful to the interests or the rights of third parties.

1.2 Consent

No personal data is collected without the consent of the web users. The optional or mandatory nature of the information given to Collinet as part of the data gathering on the website will be beforehand indicated to the web users. They are absolutely not obligated to give personal data to Collinet.

1.3 Identity of the person responsible for personal data processing

The Collinet company is responsible for collecting and processing the personal data on the website.

Collinet SAS
4 rue du Moulin
55130 Baudignécourt France

1.4 Purpose of the data gathering

Through its Website, Collinet processes personal data strictly necessary to the following purposes:

  • Managing of your subscription to the newsletter (subscription and cancellation of subscription);
  • Realization of anonymous statistics concerning the traffic on our Website;
  • Allowing the access to specific functions on our Website.

Subject to your prior authorisation in order to give you information regarding our company and its line of business, its products and/or services and messages and commercial prospection.

The information we collect in order to guarantee theses purposes and which are indispensable to process your requests (mainly your names, first names, email and postal addresses) are mentioned by an asterisk on the data collection forms. If a mandatory field is missing, we will not be able to respond to your request.

1.5 Storing period of the personal data

The personal data collected as part of the creation and the use of an online account on the Collinet Website is retained until you wish to close your account. Collinet keeps all other data for 10 years after your last contact with Collinet.

The data shall be retained during a period which does not exceed the time required to the purposes for which it has been collected:

  • For managing of your newsletter subscription: we keep the data as long as your subscription is active. As soon as we receive your unsubscribe request, we disable the sending of newsletters;
  • For the contact information: we keep the collected data for the needs of our customer service for 3 years;
  • For the user account information: we keep the collected data for the good execution of your appointment and to save your favourite products for 3 years.

1.6 Security and privacy of the data

Collinet worked hard in order to set up every necessary precaution in order to maintain the confidentiality and the security of the processed personal data and prevent it from being altered, damaged, destroyed, or that unauthorised third parties might have access to this data. State of the art technical and organisational security measures have been implemented, particularly concerning information systems.

As part of the creation of your Collinet account, the input of a personal password is mandatory and is part of our policy privacy.

However, the company does not control all the risks related to the Internet and requires the attention of the web users on the inherent possible risks in its use and functioning.

For the needs of the technical storage of your personal data, your data will be centralized on a dedicated and secured server.

We place a high value on the protection and safety of our information systems. Software tools have been set up in order to detect any security breaches. These software tools can incidentally bring about the access to personal data by our security teams. This data will be collected and processed exclusively for the purpose of the managements of these breaches and in keeping with applicable regulation concerning the personal data security.

2. Personal data recipients

The collected data is intended for the team in charge of client relationship and marketing for Collinet and are accessible to authorised personnel. Collinet only gives your personal data to a third party when:

  • You gave us your prior agreement to share this information;
  • Collinet must share this information with third parties in order to provide the requested service;
  • Collinet is commanded by a judicial authority or other administrative authority to communicate the information.

3. Rights of web users

In accordance with the n°78-17 Act of the 6th January 1978 concerning data processing, data bases and freedom, each web user has a right to access, to rectify, to complete, to update, to block or to erase their personal data and for legitimate purposes to be opposed to their processing, thus the right to set guidelines regarding the fate of their personal data after their death. In order to exercise these rights, web users have to do as follow:

  • For the newsletter: by using the unsubscribe link indicated within each electronic newsletter sent to you;
  • As part of an account creation: in the dedicated section "My account" on the Collinet Website using the remove account link.

In a general way you can ask any questions regarding the management of your personal data on the Website by sending an email via the contact form or by post at the following address:

Protection des données personnelles
À l'attention de Madame Virginie Collinet Ennaciri
4 rue du Moulin
55130 Baudignécourt France

4. Cookies

During the consultation of our Website some information regarding your navigation device (laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.) are likely to be registered in the "Cookies" data files on your device, depending on the choices you have made concerning cookies and that you can change at any moment. Only the cookie issuer is likely to read or to change some of the included information.

When you sign it to our Website, depending on your choices, we may set up several cookies on your device, allowing us to recognize your navigation device during the validity period of the aforementioned cookie. The cookies transmitted are used for the purposes described below, depending on your choices, which result from the settings of your web browser used during your visit on the Website. The cookies that are transmitted allow us:

  • To memorize information relating to a form that you have filled on our Website (subscription or access to your account) or to products, services or information that you have chosen on our Website;
  • To draw up anonymous statistics and traffic volume regarding the use of several elements composing our Website, that allow us to make our services easier to use and more interesting to our customers, as well as the visibility of the contents that we publish;
  • To allow or to facilitate your navigation on the Website or to provide you the online communication services that you request while browsing, as well as adapt our Website presentation to the display preferences of your device (display resolution, operation system used etc.) while visiting our Website, according to the display hardware and software or reading hardware that your device includes;
  • To allow you to access to reserved and personal area on our Website such as your account thanks to usernames or data that you have previously entrusted to us;
  • To implement security measures, for example when you are requested to sign in again to view content or use a service after a certain period of time.

The transmission and use of cookies by third parties are subject to these third parties' privacy policy. We inform you of the cookies that we are aware thereof and the ways that you are at your disposal in order to make choices towards theses cookies. If need be, cookies transmitted by third parties can allow them, during the validity period of these cookies, to count the number of visits on our Website and hence to draw up statistics.

Acceptance of Cookies

A cookie registration on a device is mainly contingent to the will of the user of the device, who can express and change their choices at any moment, free of charge, through their web browser.

On your web browser, if you accepted the cookies registration on your device, the integrated cookies in the pages and contents that you consulted could provisionally be stored in a dedicated space of your device. They will exclusively be readable by their issuer.

4.2 Reject Cookies

If you refuse the registration of cookies on your device or if you delete those which are saved you will not be able to take advantage of certain features which are however useful in order to browse in some areas of our Website. This shall be the case if you try to access our contents or services that require you to log in. This shall also be the case when we or our providers cannot recognize, for the purpose of technical compatibility, the type of browser used by your device, its language and display settings or the country from which your device appears to be connected to Internet.

If need be, we shall not be held responsible for the consequences linked to the malfunctioning of our services resulting from our impossibility to register or to consult the cookies necessary to their functioning and that you would have refused or deleted.

4.3 How to exercise your choices depending on the browser that you used?

You have several possibilities in order to manage cookies. Any modification to these settings will likely change your navigation on the Internet and your access conditions to certain services requiring the cookies use. At any moment, you can express or change your choices in terms of cookies by using the settings of your browser. In order to manage your cookies and your choices, the settings of each browser are different. It is described on the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to change your choices in terms of cookies.

For Internet Explorer 8.0 and later versions:

  • Go to the "Tools" menu, then "Internet Options";
  • Click on "Confidentiality";
  • Select your preferred level of confidentiality.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Go to the "Tools" then "Options" menu;
  • Click on "Privacy" settings;
  • Select your preferred option in the "Cookie" menu.

For Google Chrome:

  • Click on the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar;
  • Select "Settings" then click "Show advanced settings";
  • In the "Privacy" section, click the "Content settings" button;
  • In the "Cookies" section, you can change cookies settings.

For Opera:

  • Go to the "Files" then "Preferences" menu;
  • Click on "Privacy";
  • Select your preferred option.

For Android browser:

  • Click on the upper right button;
  • Go to "Settings" then "Privacy & security menu";
  • Select your preferred option.

For Dolphin browser on Android:

  • In the menu, go to "More" then "Settings";
  • Select the "Privacy & security settings" menu;
  • Select your preferred option in the cookies menu.

For Safari on iOS:

  • In the settings app, go to "Safari" menu;
  • Go to "Accept cookies" enter under "Privacy";
  • Select your preferred option.