Villa Concorde

The Villa Concorde, recently renovated, unveils its new appearance

Dec 19, 2023

Villa Concorde in Gerardmer: a luxurious haven in the heart of preserved nature

Let's first talk about the sumptuous interior decoration of this extraordinary residence, created by the ingenious interior designer Jean Louis Suchel. The rooms of Villa Concorde are a true tribute to the Belle Époque era. Each room is infused with a particular atmosphere, thanks to the careful use of Belle Époque bedroom furniture or Milano bedroom furniture. The challenge, successfully met, was to create a perfect harmony between luxury and comfort.

The living room and dining area, on the other hand, are adorned with masterpieces of Collinet furniture, tastefully selected by Jean Louis Suchel: the sleek-designed Passion Chair, the cozy and swiveling Candide Armchair, and the practical yet elegant Sara Convertible Sofa. The interior designer has also created relaxing spaces conducive to socializing, using the Aurea Armchair, the Aurea Sofa, and the Chanelle Chair. The modern-style Soho Coffee Table beautifully complements the entire ensemble. Through these bold choices, Villa Concorde offers its guests a high-quality experience where well-being and elegance gracefully blend.

Villa Concorde: A significant historical legacy

The Villa Concorde, an iconic witness of history, has played a crucial role in the city's pivotal moments. It was in the grand salon, in November 1944, that the then-mayor, Paul Boucher, undertook crucial negotiations with the Kommandantur to ensure the safety of the inhabitants and prevent their deportation. Moreover, this exceptional establishment served as a refuge for part of the population during the dark periods of destruction perpetrated by the German forces, preserving a haven of humanity at the heart of the city center. Thus, Villa Concorde not only embodies a symbol of resistance but also represents a living memory of the resilience and determination of the Gerardmer community in the face of adversity.

Interior Designer: Jean Louis Suchel

Practical Information:

Address: 46 route d'Epinal, 88400 Gérardmer