Hotel San Carlu

The Elegant Corsican Hotel San Carlu Citadelle Adorned with Refined Furnishings by Collinet

Apr 22, 2024

A cultural stay, a sensational experience

The San Carlu Citadelle counts four stars to its coat of arms. A well-deserved honor for a hotel built where Napoleon's nurse once lived. The hotel pays tribute to Napoleon's heritage while embracing a truly modern approach. The museum dedicated to the historic figure is only a few steps away; why not visit it, then treat yourself to an excellent meal?

Tables are set on the terrace of this excellent address from 6pm. Admire the changing sky, the breathtaking landscapes, in a breathtaking setting. What could be better than admiring a sublime view while sharing a meal, around a Pion table, with its stratified top in a pretty marble effect and its beautiful solid beech wood column. All comfortably seated in seats made by the Collinet workshops.

Unique meridienne, delicate armchair, uniquely styled tables... Collinet settles at La Citadelle

Collinet, furniture manufacturer, has established itself as a reference for hotel and restaurant professionals. Interior designer Charly Molinelli drew his inspiration from Collinet's wide range of customizable products, elegant down to the smallest detail.

What about the models chosen for the San Carlu Citadelle hotel?

At the bar, the Milano meridienne, designed by Didier Knoll, is highly elegant, combining functionality and aesthetics in a contemporary look. Its velvet fabric gives it a soft, rich texture, contributing to the nuances of distinguished comfort. A single armrest, curved at one end, signals its cleverly asymmetrical, distinctive nature, leaving plenty of room for your preferred posture. The Prescot armchair by designer Jean Michel Tarallo dares to take on a unique, flowing silhouette. It lends itself to the coziest moments, made absolutely comfortable by its rounded seat, with no visible armrests. For indescribable pleasure.

Subtly embellishing the dining room, Vogue armchairs are hollowed out of a smooth shell, inviting every delight. The star-shaped metal base is impeccably sturdy, without compromising the furniture's grace and finesse. Last but not least, the Pion tables, with their sculptural solid beech columns, are a sensation. A circular plate guarantees stability, allowing impressive geometric shapes all the way to the top, which can be circular or square, depending on the desired variation.

The interior furnishings, the beautiful coverings and the many striking colors complement the historical setting of San Carlu Citadelle in an original, resolutely aesthetic way. They dress the premises in an eclectic palette of inspirations.

Practical information

Interior designer: Charly Molinelli
Address: 8 Boulevard Daniele Casanova, 20000 Ajaccio, Corsica, France
Telephone number: 04 95 21 13 84
Website: Hôtel San Carlu Citadelle