Intercontinental Champs-Élysées Étoile

The Intercontinental Champs-Élysées chose Collinet for this highly sophisticated establishment

Jul 15, 2024

The Intercontinental Champs-Élysées Étoile is one of the most popular hotels in the eighth arrondissement. As its name suggests, it is located not far from the famous shopping street of the Champs-Élysées, bursting with luxury boutiques and warm, welcoming shops. More precisely, it is in the heart of the Golden Triangle, offering privileged access to local monuments and famous landmarks. As soon as you cross the doorstep, you'll feel the enchantment and refinement. Because this address is absolutely elegant.

The perfectly maintained rooms are matched by a delightful service, where every guest is looked after. The same goes for the restaurant, Monsieur Marceau, whose culinary creations draw on both French and Japanese traditions! These mixed recipes will delight your taste buds, while the dining room furniture will make you feel right at home. The designers at Collinet, a prestigious French furniture manufacturer, also enhance the space with their refined design and quality materials.

If we had to choose one word to describe this association, "symbiosis" would be the perfect one. The Intercontinental Champs-Élysées Étoile aims to offer an exceptional stay in a chic, contemporary setting. The Collinet furniture range has the same ambitions, embracing modernity while retaining the best of tradition.

Collinet interior furniture embellishes common rooms and invites itself into bedrooms: a delightful continuum

Furniture manufacturer Collinet is one of the leading brands in its field. The sofas, armchairs and stools designed by this talented company are a sight to behold. The beauty and character of the designer furniture chosen by the Intercontinental team will be obvious to you - as will the quality of the on-site services.

Let yourself be seduced by the expertise of multi-talented designers. The interior designer for this project, Alexandre Danan from the EDO agency, didn't just call on Collinet to decorate the bedrooms. They are adorned with made-to-measure furnishings - the finishes and colours are an extension of the visual identity of the space.

Sophistication has a name, thanks to the Passion chair. Its clean lines and tapered legs are synonymous with beauty. The solid beech frame is a guarantee of solidity.

The Kan chair is just as distinctive. Its artistic approach will leave a lasting impression. A delightful focal point without being overwhelming - the high-end style chosen by Intercontinental finds a clear means of expression here.

Finally, the Jourdain bench, with its unique design, completes this list of iconic references. Its wooden structure is the basis for a high-quality, comfortable piece of designer furniture that lends itself to a wide range of layouts. Once again, Collinet was able to make an inimitable contribution to the Paris hotel, tailored to the master decorator and his ambitious project.

Interior architect: Alexandre Danan - Agence European Design Office
Architect: Laurent Minatchy

Practical information:

Address: 64 Avenue Marceau, 75008 Paris, France
Phone: + 33 1 44 43 36 36
Website: Intercontinental Champs-Élysées Etoile