Domaine de Dolomieu

Domaine de Dolomieu welcomes Collinet for an enchanting getaway

Jun 6, 2024

The Domaine de Dolomieu invites you to discover or rediscover the region of Dauphiné in exceptional conditions. In this beautiful landscape, the comfort of Collinet's modern furnishings and the surrounding natural beauty complement each other harmoniously. The SPA, meeting rooms and nearby activities make it the ideal place for corporate seminars. Other guests are of course also welcome: families, couples and solo travelers are sure to find what they are looking for on this fabulous Domaine.

Inside, everything is designed to please. The château's rooms are designed by Lisa Paunovitch in a variety of inspired styles and layouts. The Collinet line of furniture gracefully blends contemporary style with more classical approaches. Tailor-made furniture that fits naturally into these cosy spaces, making every extra day and night an ode to well-being. This also applies to your lunches or dinners out.

Comfortable furniture signed Collinet

French furniture manufacturer Collinet has boldly and creatively designed furniture for numerous hotels around the world. The company's designers deploy a refined art, paying attention to the smallest finishing touches for a striking result. Each piece of designer furniture is an invitation to comfort, sometimes adorned with pure lines, sometimes with more assertive sketches. These are the ergonomic and resolutely aesthetic confections found at Domaine de Dolomieu.

An elegant circular banquette offers a practical configuration for dining and drinking, and a straight banquette offers a variety of seating arrangements. In the Domaine's suites, you can also relax on the Sibu sofa.

The Nog armchair, the Arsenal armchair, for ever more comfortable rooms, and the Lyra armchair, which takes its place with character in the reception area, are all an invitation to sit down. Each features a specific wood: the first owes its robustness to beech, the second to oak, and the third to ash. This gives them a beautiful robustness. Discover the specific shapes and sizes of each model, with colors and finishes available according to your preferences.

The Olympe chair offers an ingenious structure with four slender, straight legs, perfectly positioned for stability. The wide, upholstered seat is covered in high-end fabric. Everything you need to enjoy a relaxing breakfast. As for the Chanelle chair, has a unique silhouette, with a slender top and a generous, rounded center. Both are made of solid wood and richly upholstered.

Finally, let's not forget the Pion table. Also made from solid beech, it boasts sober yet charming shapes. Its hard-wearing top makes it the ideal piece of furniture for sharing a good time.

All these treasures are the result of several years of work in close collaboration with Collinet. The result testifies to the expertise of interior designer Lisa Paunovitch and Collinet.

Interior architect: Lisa Paunovitch -

Practical information:

Address: 205, rue du château, 38110 Dolomieu, France
Telephone number: +33 4 74 18 51 90
Website: Domaine de Dolomieu