Château de Mercuès
Furniture for the dining room of the Château de Mercuès

Château de Mercuès: an invitation to an epicurean holidays in the heart of an exceptional vineyard

Oct 11, 2018

A 13th century castle overlooking the Lot Valley, the Château de Mercuès is a real gem

With its multiple rooms and suites as well as its gourmet restaurant, the Château de Mercuès is an ideal place to relax away from the cities, in a timeless space.
Starred chef Julien Poisot will use all his creativity to amaze your taste buds with his subtle dishes married with Quercy flavours. A meal to enjoy in the large dining room of the castle, in a soothing atmosphere. A room with refined decorations, from the classic moldings of the walls to the ceiling, the modern chandeliers, and the elegance of the Hypsos furniture .

Let yourself be carried away by this soothing atmosphere, where the authenticity of this historic building is not hidden, but sublimated by a contemporary imprint. A place where any stay remains engraved in the memories.

Contact information:

Route du Château
46090 Mercuès

Website: Château de Mercuès

Phone: +33 (0)5 65 20 00 01