Headboards for hotel rooms

Browse Collinet’s luxury range of hotel room headboards. Get an elegant, crisp finish with a design-led feel with our hotel room furniture ranges. We use luxury materials and fabrics in the headboards we make in order to provide you with the style and finish that’s right for you.


Collinet’s headboards are designed to meet your clients’ exacting standards, and never fail to add a touch of luxury to hotels. Providing guests with a stylish bed topped with a premium base, mattress and headboard is key to ensuring they get a good night’s sleep and enjoy an experience they’ll never forget. With this in mind, Collinet offers custom-made headboards that can be fitted to the bed frame of your choosing, and which you might like to match to your bedside tables or storage units.


Upholstered, beige, made from solid wood, covered in faux leather, velvet or fabric: choose from an endless series of incredibly elegant designs, each with a premium finish. Available in a range of different colors, our headboards add charm and poetry to all types of wooden beds and bedding, including king-size styles. If you’re leaning towards a more Scandinavian-inspired look, go for a pale palette and unfussy, streamlined storage units to keep all eyes on your sleeping area!


Gray, brown, dark gray or taupe fabric or a plain wooden headboard: take your pick from the Collinet catalogue, and order a style that best reflects your establishment. Treat guests to very best with a contemporary bed paired with a snuggly comforter and firm, soft pillows for a good night’s sleep.


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