Elegant armchair

Elegant armchairs

Browse our many different Louis XV-, Louis XVI- and Voltaire-inspired armchairs for your restaurant, hotel or brasserie. Step back in time and piece together a nostalgic feel by customizing your furniture to mirror your interior design. Collinet’s armchairs are made in France to bring you the very best in quality and comfort.


Whether you’re on the lookout for decorative armchairs with or without armrests, and whether you’re leaning towards velvet or faux leather with wooden legs, you’re bound to find the perfect fit at Collinet. Available in understated brown, beige, gray and even red, our armchairs feature unique design that truly shows your establishment off at its best, allowing the beauty of your spaces to shine through. Add a footstool, relaxing armchair, sofas to sink back into and a low table to deepen well-being and create a soothing atmosphere.


Our Louis XV-style armchairs are an ode to the classical in a range of different shapes: wing chairs, cabriolet chairs, and Voltaire chairs alike. We love the latter’s curvy legs, deep seat, armrests and rounded back. Wing chairs have a removable cushion, while sofas are ideal for seating several guests.


Louis XVI armchairs have a more linear, geometric feel, with a flat, rectangular back. Often made from beech or walnut, they generally feature wooden legs and embellishments.


Voltaire chairs arrived later, and are characterized by a tall, inclined back and an extremely comfortable seat that also plays an ornamental role. This style’s clean, unfussy lines work beautifully with a range of different interior design feels.


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